Lesenswert: Inside Apple’s HomePod Audio Lab

14. Feb 2018 01:54 Uhr - qwert



Apple didn’t build its audio products by choosing off-the-shelf components that any other company can use—it designed and built them from scratch. The testing for all its products happens in the company’s audio lab in Cupertino, Calif. Last week, they took me on a tour of the lab to show me what’s involved in making an audio product at Apple.


The noise and vibration lab was set up years ago to work on unwanted noise from Macs. At the time, this lab was very focused on fan and hard drive noise, but over the years it has expanded into electronic noise as well.

Dennoch werde ich mir so ein Dauerlauscher-Teil weder in Küche noch Wohnzimmer noch in sonst irgendeinen Raum stellen.

Es gibt auch Grenzen, was Technik angeht. Man muss nicht jeden Trend mitmachen, jeden Kram haben. Auch bei Smart Home gibts inzwischen (zu) viel Schnickschnack.