Anleitung für Bug Reports an Apple - von einem Ex-Entwickler

18. Juni 2020 22:44 Uhr - MacMike

Sehr lesenswerte Einblick von David Shayer:

Apple does care about receiving bug reports from developers and users alike. But, as you can imagine, hundreds of thousands of developers reporting bugs can overwhelm even Apple’s resources.

How do you report bugs so Apple actually fixes them?

When I was an Apple software engineer, this was my job. I’d get dozens of new external bug reports daily, and I had time to address only some of them. Many developers wrote great bug reports, but some looked like they were written by a third-grader who skipped their ADHD medication. You can guess which ones got more attention. Here’s what you need to do to write a good bug report. Some of these are specific to developers, but most apply to everyone:…