LED-Displays der neuen MacBooks Pro

06. Jun 2007 13:51 Uhr - qwert

Gerade gefunden: Gizmodo.com bringt Details zu den neuen LED-Displays der neuen MacBook Pro-Modellen.

"How much battery life does the LED Backlighting save?
30 minutes to an hour vs. the older models. (Including savings from Santa Rosa, so there's no way to distinguish the improvements individually.)

Is there a full brightness warmup?
No, its instantly at full brightness, unlike traditional LCDs.

What is the comparison in brightness, color range?
Identical to the previous generation.

Why no 17-inch with LEDs?
The 15-inch is the first one [in the industry]. All screens will transition when it's technically and economically feasible."

Sehr spannend - wieder mal ist Apple Vorreiter bei einer Technologie, diesmal bei Notebookdisplays.