The Original Macintosh - Anekdoten zur Entwicklung des ersten Macintosh

15. Jan. 2018 22:53 Uhr - mayflower


Ich finde diese Website einfach klasse. Wenn man bedenkt, wie lange das alles schon her ist und dass es den Macintosh immer noch gibt. Und in Sachen Verbreitung und Userzahlen gehts dem Mac so gut wie nie zuvor.

34 Years - and counting!

Eine meiner Lieblings-Passagen (von Andy Hertzfeld):

I officially started on the Mac project on a Thursday afternoon, and Bud Tribble, my new manager and the only other software person on the project, was out of town. Bud was on leave of absence from an M.D.-Ph.D. program and he had to occasionally return to Seattle to keep up his standing in the program. 


Bud usually didn't come into work until after lunch, so I met with him for the first time the following Monday afternoon. We started talking about all the work that had to be done, which was pretty overwhelming. He showed me the official schedule for developing the software that had us shipping in about ten months, in early January 1982.

"Bud, that's crazy!", I told him. "We've hardly even started yet. There's no way we can get it done by then."

"I know," he responded, in a low voice, almost a whisper.

"You know? If you know the schedule is off-base, why don't you correct it?"

"Well, it's Steve. Steve insists that we're shipping in early 1982, and won't accept answers to the contrary. The best way to describe the situation is a term from Star Trek. Steve has a reality distortion field."